Jin He

Ms. Jin He received her Master of Science degree from Case Western Reserve University majoring in Environmental Health Science, where she started her research on cancer biology as a graduate research assistant. Her main research focus now is on the treatment of multiple myeloma and its associated bone disease.

Zhiming Wang, PhD

Zhiming received his Bachelor’s degree from Qingdao University in China. He then pursued his Masters degree at the Institute of Microbiology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and then received his doctorate at the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Upon obtaining his PhD degree in 2017, he began his postdoctoral studies in MD Anderson Cancer Center. In 2020, he joined the Department of Cancer at the Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI). Currently, his research involves in role of bone marrow microenvironment in chemotherapy.

Yung-hsing Huang, PhD

Yung-Hsing (Winston) received his PhD in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta. His research expertise includes tumor biology, 3D culture bioengineering, nanopharmacology and molecular pathology. As a postdoc fellow at the Yi Lab since April 2019, Winston has been studying novel oncogenes that contribute to poor prognosis in multiple myeloma as a potential therapeutic target.

Duc-Hiep (Harry) Bach, PhD

Harry, a pharmacist, received his BSc in Pharmacy from Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam and his Ph.D at College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University, South Korea. He has been invited as Editor of many scientific journals such as Associate Editor of BMC Cancer (Part of Springer Nature) or Editorial Board of Biomolecules, Currently, his research interests include immunometabolism and drug development in cancer research.